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General Dogs Body

Woof Woof, Baker here. I suppose you would call me the driving force behind business. I deal with the strategic direction, operations, financing, and decision making, hiring and firing. You name it – I am extremely good at delegating it. Oh, I’m also very good at making a mess when I am bored in the office. I love nothing more than sitting in my favourite armchair watching Sherlock Holmes on the TV – The Cumberbatch one not that American drivel with the woman Watson.

Who you’d most like to invite for dinner: 
Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, Brian Griffin, Scooby Doo, Old Yeller, Snoopy, Bulls Eye, Spot, Toto, Goldie, Shep, Spit, Roley, Lassie
Favourite book: 
A Dog Walks into a Bar...Dog Jokes so funny You'll beg for more, by Joanne Sullivan
Favourite gadget/tech toy: 
My i-fetch
What three items could you not live without: 
Rocky Racoon, my owner (I suppose I have to say that) and sticks
Desert Island Discs: 
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley, I Love My Dog - Cat Stevens (how ironic), I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat - Mel Blanc
Favourite Food: 
Cheese Sauce
Favourite Film: 
It's a Dogs Life