Search Engine Optimisation

You may have the best all-singing, all dancing website in the world but if nobody can find you what’s the use? That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in and we can help you in a number of ways.

Our SEO package is ideal for the small business who wants to get noticed. For just £250 per month we will help to establish and grow your online presence using up to the minute technologies and tools.

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SEO Packages

Option 1 £250.00
Our Option 1 SEO package is ideal for the small business with a more limited marketing budget who want to get noticed locally. This package will put you on the map and is ideal for a new business wishing to get established on the internet or for those who want to improve their visibility in the local searches around their area.

Here’s what is included in the Option 1 SEO Service:

Objectives Briefing - A session with us to discuss your exact requirements and objectives. You can visit our offices in the beautiful surroundings of Stanstead House or we can come to you, whichever you would prefer. This will give us the opportunity to get a good understanding of what you would like to achieve. Perhaps it is higher search engine rankings, more sales or to grow your customer lists? Whatever your goals, we can help.

Technical Spring Clean of your Website - You’ll be surprised how many website have fundamental basic errors built into them that really hinder SEO. Read more.

Among other things we will check

  • Your site is fully web standards compliant (W3C)
  • The page loading speed
  • How many h1, h2 and h3 tags you have in a full html audit
  • If you have any broken backlinks on your webpages
  • Your webmasters account for crawl errors

From this research we will produce a report of the important changes and adjustments that need to be made to your site, you can either have your web designer implement our recommendations, or where possible we will provide you with a quotation to make the changes for you.

Google Analytics - This allows us to review all the data that Google have on your website. A small line of code is placed on your website and google analytics can then provide a huge amount of data about the visitors to your site, what pages they visited and for how long they stayed etc.

Webmaster Tools - This is a collection of software tools from Google and Bing that allow us to use diagnostics to identify problems that your website’s design might be presenting to Google’s and Bing’s search engines. We can then either make changes, or provide you with suggestions that will improve your websites performance.

Keyword Research - For all Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, regardless of their size, we need a thorough understanding of the words best used to describe your service or the products your business sells. Read more:

We will investigate the words and phrases people might use when searching for your products and/or services which can often be quite different from what you would expect. Our findings will then help us to integrate these keywords into your website ensuring you are not missing out on valuable customers.

Google Places and Google + Local - It is essential that your presence in the local search results is optimised. Many people will prefer to use a local business and in fact, Google have reported that 97% of consumers search for local business online. Media Matters will ensure that your business is optimised locally so that you will register in that all important local search.

Monthly Reports - As part of our ongoing service to you, we will provide you with regular monthly reports. Read more…

Our reports will provide you with useful information, often in the form of leagues tables, detailing where your site has performed with your list of keywords with all the major search engines. There will also be listed any recommendations that you can work on to help improve those results. For example regular blogs on your site and social media are very helpful with improving your search engine rankings - we’ll let you know if you’re doing enough in this area, after all, we all  need nagging occasionally!

Meta Data -  Meta data is the descriptive text embedded in your website and is used by search engines for a number of different purposes. Read more..

Data such as Meta keywords tags are not used by Google at all, but items such as page title tags are great for improving rankings. The Meta description tags are useful for assisting the words that are used for the summary of your website in the search results.

We will use our knowledge and experience to ensure your websites’ Meta data gets the right results for your business.

Optimisation of existing content. We’ll review your website’s current content and make recommendations to improve the performance of your website’s search engine rankings. For example, perhaps your current text has “keyword bloat”, where keywords have been repeated too many times. This was a trick used historically to get your website further up the search engine rankings. However, this is not necessary these days, and can actually penalise your site with the search engines.

We’ll also look at your current internal links and make any recommendations as to where we think they could be improved - there might even be the odd dead 404 link that needs removing!

Google-compliant low volume, quality link building - Google’s success was largely built on its PageRank formula which measures the way websites link to each other.  Read more…

Let’s say you have a company that does a lot of work for you. Both of you have agreed to have a reciprocal link on and to each other’s website in order to show search engines that others ‘like or endorse’ the product/service you offer. It’s very much like someone giving you a glowing review/testimonial, which was, and still is a factor on your web rankings. However, large-scale link building became a money making initiative for many who would help business exploit this ranking tool. Traditionally, the more links (likes/votes) you have, the better your rankings will be. In 2012 Google’s Penguin update put a stop to such exploitation and in fact, heavily penalised many businesses for breaching their guidelines. However links that do meet Google’s guidelines and are genuinely earned will still be an influential factor. Google’s premise is quality not quantity and their Penguin update really did ruffle the feathers of those who were not playing fairly.