Have you ever seen what your website looks like on a smart phone or tablet?  In 2014 Google reported that 20% of web pages are now viewed on a mobile device. So that means 1 in 5 people are viewing your website from a mobile device.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, if your website has been developed for a ‘desk top user’ – someone viewing your website from a computer at home, when they access your website from a mobile phone or tablet, your website will be quite difficult for the user to use; in fact it may actually be almost unreadable on these smaller device. This can be immediately off-putting for the user and they will quickly go in search of a website that is designed for a mobile experience. So if 1 in 5 people viewing your website are doing so on a mobile phone or tablet, can you afford to lose their business?

 In addition, Google have announced that they will now penalise you in their rankings pages if your website is not optimised for smart phones.

Get Responsive!
A responsive website is one that changes shape depending on the device it is being viewed on. The techie terminology is Mobile Optimisation and Responsive Design. Making sure that whatever the device, your website is easy to use and therefore encourages your visitor to continue to browse your website. Which means that the 20% of people viewing your website from a mobile phone will stay browsing your site and won’t go elsewhere.

Our amazing web developers and designers here at Media Matters Web Design can ensure that your website automatically adjusts to suit the type of device your website is being viewed on. We can work with you to make sure that each and every one of your customers has the best mobile experience when viewing your web pages.

Get mobile ready today, whether you have an existing site or are looking to kick-start and brand new one Media Matters are here to help.